Theatre (selected credits)

THE TEMPEST Sebastian / Bard on the Beach / Meg Roe

MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM Snout / Bard on the Beach / Dean Paul Gibson

THE SEAFARER Nicky / Pacific Theatre / Anthony Ingram

THE ODD COUPLE Oscar Arts Club / John Murphy

SNOWING ON SALTSPRING Bill / Arts Club / Lois Anderson

HAMLET Player King / Bard on the Beach / Kim Collier

TWELFTH NIGHT Valentine / Bard on the Beach / Dennis Garnum

BOEING BOEING Robert / Arts Club / David MacKay

IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE Bert / Arts Club / Dean Paul Gibson

PLAY WITH MONSTERS Drew / Solo Collective / Rachel Peake

THE IDIOT Rogozhin / Neworld / James Fagan Tait

AFTER JERUSALEM Vlad / Solo Collective / Rachel Peake

DRESS ME UP IN YOUR LOVE Andrew / Theatre Replacement / Maiko Bae Yamamoto

CAPSULE Vladimir / FITO corp / Craig Hall

JESUS HOPPED THE A TRAIN Valdez / Glass City / Angela Conrad

FALSTAFF Blunt / Bard on the Beach / Glynnis Leyshon

HENRY V Fluellen / Bard on the Beach / Meg Roe

THE PROJECT Fred / Solo Collective / Rachel Peake

THE FOURSOME Rick / Gateway / Sarah Rodgers

DISTANT SECOND Douglas Coupland / Theatre Replacement / Ami Gladstone

COZY CATASTROPHE Walter / Theatre Melee / Courtenay Dobbie

HALF LIFE Reverend Hill / Belfry / James Fagan Tait

ORPHANS Treat / Wink / Stephen Drover

MY CHERNOBYL David / Gateway & Belfry / Britt Small

THE WARS Cote / Theatre Calgary & Playhouse / Dennis Garnum

THE TRIUMPH OF LOVE Harlequin / Blackbird / Johnna Wright

SLEEP TIGHT Prometheus / Theatre Melee / Courtenay Dobbie

HIPPIES AND BOLSHEVIKS Green Tree / Touchstone / Katrina Dunn

A CHRISTMAS CAROL Ghost of Christmas Present / Playhouse / James Fagan Tait

SHOCKERS DELIGHT Marcus / Gutsee / Courtenay Dobbie

GRIFFIN AND SABINE Michael / Arts Club / James Fagan Tait

VINCENT IN BRIXTON Sam / Playhouse / Glynis Leyshon

LAZY SUSAN Watler / Theatre Melee / Courtenay Dobbie

\CRIME AND PUNISHMENT Vrazumihin Neworld / James Fagan Tait

EQUUS Horse / Playhouse / Glynis Leyshon

COMEDY OF ERRORS First Merchant / Bard on the Beach / Michael Shamata

MERCHANT OF VENICE Solanio / Bard on the Beach / Katrina Dunn

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD Boo Radley / Arts Club / Janet Wright